In short, hospitality beds offer a familiarity that you’ve already come to know while offering a higher level of comfort and durability.

Hospitality Beds are not available in retail stores.

The Beautyrest commercial product line is developed independently of our retail products and is engineered for optimum durability while providing maximum comfort and support.

Starting with the foundation (box springs), Beautyrest Hospitality beds utilize EnduroTECH™ foundations designed specifically for hotel use and abuse. This all-wood, durable commercial foundation provides premium support and strength for our hotel mattresses.

Our exclusive EnduroTECH™ hospitality foundation is not available in our stores or retail outlets.

Beautyrest Hospitality hotel beds are reinforced with a stronger gauge coil system showcasing our Pocketed Coil® Springs as well as our high-density foam edge encasement engineered to prevent side sag and culminating in the desired Simmons "Do Not Disturb" custom sleep.

Beautyrest Hospitality mattresses also feature antimicrobial fire-resistant fibers, stain resistance, and Dual Cool™ technology. These are must haves in hotel environments and a great safeguard for your home use.

When it comes to comfort, our trademark hotel offerings deliver both luxury comfort with the support and durability you came to love during your hotel visit. Beautyrest commercial hospitality models are not sold in any retail store or bedding outlet.

A no-flip mattress is a mattress that never needs to be flipped.

The Simmons Company introduced this revolutionary “building-block” design to the retail marketplace in January of 2000 after over 3 years of research and development. Through rigorous testing, this design was proven to be much more durable than a conventional bed set.

Please look into any of our 360° mattresses that are specially made to be flipped. We recommend flipping these mattresses annually but our Pocketed Coil® Technology will still support your mattress even if not flipped.

A foundation is the name given to a rigid, non-flexing box spring. The EnduroTECH™ foundation is standard across the entire Commercial product line and is the cornerstone of the no-flip design innovated by the Simmons Company. The EnduroTECH™ foundation, which is available in an 9” standard height and 5.50” low profile height, is engineered for added durability and can support up to 2000 pounds.

No, there is absolutely no difference in performance, feel, durability or price - it simply comes down to which height works best for your home application.

Unless you use a Beautyrest foundation, or a supportive, rigid, non-yielding, foundation you will void your Simmons warranty. Bed frames with slats are non-approved support systems.

The thickness of each bedding model is listed in the mattress description for each hotel property.

There is no standard mattress thickness, you will need to make sure that the fitted sheet can accommodate the height of the mattress you purchase.

A cover, not a pad that is made of a comfortable stretch fabric. Simmons Beautyrest does not offer mattress protectors as we incorporate a great deal of detail and technology in our products.

Twin - 38 x 74.5

Twin XL - 38 x 79.5

Full - 53 x 74.5

Queen - 60 x 79.5

King - 76 x 79.5

California King - 72 x 83.5

All dimensions subject to an industry standard variance of (+/-) 0.5"

No, not at this time.

No, we do not include a bed frame with the purchase of a bed set.

No, due to liability reasons, pick-up at the factory is not permitted.

Online orders can only be shipped within the 48 contiguous United States. However, Hawaii-based guests interested in ordering should reach out to us directly at Unfortunately Alaska is not currently included in the program.

We are required by state law to collect a Recycle Fee for all orders shipped to California, Connecticut and Rhode Island. The fee is mandated for all new mattresses and foundations, regardless of whether you plan to dispose of an old mattress upon delivery. For more details, visit the Mattress Recycling Council website.

As these products are made to order, deliveries may be as soon as 3 weeks from order placement, or as long as 10 weeks, depending on current plant capacity.

No, products are made to order only after payment is received. Delivery windows vary depending on the contracted carrier. There is no way to expedite or rush an order.

The single sided technology from Beautyrest offer a NO FLIP product. This means you can save your time, energy and quite possibly your lower back from strain. You can rotate the mattress as a preference, but it is not required.

Shipping is included in the cost of your new mattress, and will be handled by a local delivery company that we work with in your area. Their responsibility is to pick up your bed from the factory and deliver it to your residence. When you are notified of a delivery date, the service generally gives you a four-hour window of time on specific date that they will be at your home. Here's a helpful hint: Give them your cell phone number to call you from their last shipping drop, so you can be ready.

Once the bed has been manufactured at our factory (keep in mind each of our beds are custom made to order), you will receive an email notification from us. This is your sign that the delivery company will be contacting you in the next several days, to set up a delivery date/time that works for you. It is very important that you note a contact telephone on the order form where you can be reached. The delivery service does not play phone tag!

This is a difficult question to answer, because we really don't know what you have on your bed at the moment. Keep in mind that with a taller mattress and box spring, you must consider the extra height when it comes to sheets, traditional bedspreads / duvets and bed skirts. In particular, fitted sheets purchased for smaller mattresses will be problematic, duvet side-drops and skirt length will shorten up on taller beds. To be safe, you should anticipate and prepare to make the necessary adjustments to your soft goods with these taller beds. Please check the mattress height on the description page. The height of the standard box spring is 9" and the low profile box spring is 5.5".

Yes, the beds in this offer are covered under the industry standard ten-year warranty. The warranty protects you against manufacturing and structural defects under normal usage and conditions. All claims are subject to manufacturer inspection and review. This coverage does not include damage resulting from self-moving and purposely bending the mattress in order to squeeze it though tight stairwells! Nor does it include shipping/delivery costs, etc.

Once your bed has been manufactured at our plant and sent to the home delivery company, no, under normal circumstances, unless it has been determined that you have a warranty claim. All beds are otherwise non-refundable, non-returnable.

This is a very important note. With these new single sided beds, the mattresses do not bend as they did in the old days. You will need to properly consider your situations to order the right bed, especially if you have difficult access to your bedroom floor. The delivery service staff are nice people, but they know bending a mattress will void its warranty, so please do not ask them!.

Split box springs (foundations) come with all king size beds as standard. They are also available on request for queen size mattresses at an additional cost. If you are in an older home/apartment or have small and/or curved staircase, a split box spring will work best for your needs.

The beds are typically sold as complete units and their warranty is based upon its performance using specifically matched equipment. Use of different box spring can cause mattress failure and will void your warranty! However, if you have a platform style bed frame which constitutes a firm, continuous, level and rigid surface you can order a mattress only from Beautyrest. This will allow you to uphold the requirement of proper bed support in the manufacturer’s limited warranty.

Sorry, this is not possible. There are no storage facilities built into this affordable pricing. Beautyrest is a made to order facility, once your bed is ready, Beautyrest will drop off to the delivery agent the same day. Retail stores, however, will process deliveries differently because they do have warehousing, but keep in mind the price you pay at retail.

Check to see if there are any damages, stains, or rips. Also make sure all items ordered are accounted for.

Beautyrest continuously enhances our hotel products with the latest in sleep technology. In 2021-2022, All Beautyrest Hospitality models received enhanced outer textile fabrics denoted with “X” on the label. The construction and “sleep feel” of our products remain the same.

No, as this will void any warranty on the mattress.

As of 07/15/2022, due to carrier-imposed fuel surcharges, your order will have an added $10 per piece fuel surcharge fee, and the fee will be displayed as a separate line item upon checkout. For example, if you purchase a queen mattress and the foundation, those two pieces will result in an additional charge of $20 to your order. King mattresses and foundations are three pieces, king foundations are always split for a set of two; the fuel surcharge will be $30 for the $10 per three king set pieces. Mattress only orders for all sizes are $10 fuel surcharge fee for the one piece.

If you have not found the question and answer you need, feel free to call Beautyrest directly @ (844) 258-4404, please email us HERE.

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