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As a dedicated partner of the hospitality industry, Beautyrest® Hospitality has developed the Guest Purchase Program to offer your guests the chance to bring the comfort and luxury of their hotel stay home with them. This program is a value-added service to your guests, allowing your hotel to extend the exceptional sleep experience you provide to your guests beyond their stay.

By providing your hotel name and location, guests can purchase their mattresses online or by calling Beautyrest® Guest Purchase customer experience specialists who are available to answer questions and place their orders.

Here's how the Beautyrest® Guest Purchase Program can benefit your hotel:

  1. Enhanced Guest Experience: Your guests can continue to enjoy the same high-quality mattresses they loved during their stay, ensuring their sleep at home is as comfortable as it was at your hotel.

  2. Value-Added Service: Offering this program demonstrates your commitment to providing an exceptional experience for your guests, going above and beyond the standard hotel offerings.

  3. Easy Ordering Process: Guests can conveniently purchase the mattress online or speak to our dedicated customer experience specialists who are available to answer questions and assist with orders.

  4. Brand Recognition: Partnering with Beautyrest®, a trusted and well-known mattress brand, can enhance your hotel's reputation and attract more guests.

Why our Hotel partners choose Beautyrest® Hospitality

We specifically design Beautyrest® Hospitality sleep solutions to provide exceptional guest sleep experiences that provide you with an outstanding return on investment and keep your guests returning. Beautyrest Hospitality beds are designed to stay in hotels longer, delivering signature performance, luxurious comfort, and restorative sleep from their first day to their last. Create memorable sleep experiences and build customer loyalty with Beautyrest® Hospitality.

Become a Partner

Not already redeeming the benefits of the Guest Purchase Program? Ask your Beautyrest Sales Rep for more information or feel free to reach us by completing the information below and we will reach out to you. Learn more about our hotels

The Beautyrest® Guest Purchase Process

  1. Your hotel guest inquired about the mattress they enjoyed in their room. Your staff can simply direct them to or to call 844-258-4404.
  2. Beautyrest® Guest Purchase supplies the guest with all the product and purchase details based on their stay at your hotel, creating a seamless quality customer experience.
  3. If the guest would like to proceed with the order, the transaction will be processed through Beautyrest® Guest Purchase.
  4. Your guest’s new Beautyrest® Hospitality mattress set is delivered with our white glove service and now they can continue their hotel-quality sleep at home.

Ask your Beautyrest® Hospitality Hotel Sales Rep for more information or click the button below to learn more. You can also fill out the inquiry form and our Guest Purchase Support Team will be in touch.

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